Welcome to The Center for Inner Peace

The Center for Inner Peace is a Holistic Wellness practice with specialized programs and treatments to support emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical recovery, healing and reflection. For those seeking complementary  modalities, retreats and current evidence based interventions, we welcome you to this relaxing, pleasant atmosphere to enjoy and enhance your well-being and inner peace. We base each consult on your personal goals and unique life journey.

Our expertise with integrative programs and complementary solutions lend support for  increasing the effectiveness of your medical healthcare practitioner’s protocols and management. We do not provide a medical or psychological diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of any medical treatments or advice and will work collectively with your physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, naturopathic doctor, psychologist or counselor. We encourage the client to seek such services as needed.

All information is kept private and confidential.

We honor and respect individual clients of every race, age, nationality, culture, gender identity and expression, as well as family circumstances, socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability or spiritual background.

All are welcome at The Center For Inner Peace.

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